About Lynette and her work

About Lynette and her work

Throughout my childhood I saw spirits and had imaginary friends. Growing into adulthood I’ve travelled all over the world, constantly seeking something …. the only continent that I haven’t set foot on is Antarctica!

Through my Phoenician and Celtic bloodlines I have inherited the double whammy of being an explorer and a seer. It took losing my mother, my home and moving from my homeland to get me to the point where I was searching, wondering why there was so much loss at this point in my life and what the greater meaning behind all of this was.

One night I had a highly significant dream that made it clear that I had to make up my mind, and either go left or go right. At this pinnacle moment it became clear that I could no longer dabble with my connection to Spirit and had to move from being an amateur to being a skilled professional, utilising my ancestral gifts for the greater good.

The meaning of all the spiritual encounters I had had up until this point started to make sense. I then confided in a friend who recommended that I get in contact with the Sacred Trust, who I applied to and was accepted by to begin my journey towards being a Shamanic practitioner.

My practice comes from a holistic space that comes from understanding that every illness can be a great teacher. Along my path I have overcome my own personal crises, and this has given me the gift of being able to see and feel the suffering of others with an open heart.

Within each individual lies incredible potential for change. It is within our own personal power to change and grow. Through healing and being taught how to access your inner strength, you will gain a healthy understanding of past behaviours and learn to create a new path to your full self.

The healing that I offer is one of an energy exchange, whereby I help clients who for a very long time have neglected their own needs and feelings which have caused all kinds of different health problems. Individuals who are starting to spiritually awaken and are not sure what is happening to them can also come to me for guidance and assistance.

I focus my healing on the energy of what is causing the illness or health condition. This work is suitable for those who are suffering from emotional, mental, spiritual and physical wounds and are going through difficult times. The client is assisted to unpack the load they are carrying as a way to unlock these emotional blocks.

The word dis-ease refers to how we have become imbalanced, or how our personal power has been disrupted by a traumatic event. It is dis-harmony that manifests mentally, emotionally or physically within us. The resulting illness teaches us that we cannot continue as before and shows us that we need to change in order to regain balance and peace within.

I help to teach clients how to access their inner resources which promotes emotional and physical well-being, while also working with energy to release emotional blockages and spiritual attachments. I work internationally and am currently based in the U.K. I am able to travel to clients homes, anywhere in the world, to help them in their daily lives. This is a great way to observe individuals in their natural environment, and will more clearly highlight behaviour patterns and ways of being in the world.

Treatments will differ according to each individual clients needs.

Lynette Assad Shamanic Practitioner Services

Complete the Contact Form below or email me on lynette.assad.sp@gmail.com. You can also WhatsApp me on +44 (0)7801477497 or Facebook message me here.

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  1. Thank you for all that you have done for me. The support and sharing of wisdom, for thinking alongside me and for telling me the truths I have needed to hear. Charlene Sudlow, Cape Town, South Africa

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