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Power Animal

Power Animal

A Power Animal Is A Specific Type Of Animal Spirit Guide.

At times when we are feeling weak, needing courage, feeling powerless and in need of a boost of bravery to make or move through really difficult life transitions, a Power Animal is your Animal Guide that can provide this support.

A Power Animal Retrieval is a healing act performed by myself and this will typically be shown to me in a shamanic journey (a meditative state for healing and guidance). I will help to connect you to your Power Animal and bring them forth to connect with you. The Animal Spirit will provide you with the streng犀利士
th, courage, and the support you need to step forward on your journey.

In these sessions, a Shaman can tell you what your Power Animal is, what specifically they are going to help you with, and most importantly, how you can work with them and call upon them to help you in your day to day life. The amount of detail that is given depends on how the Shaman works and the Spirit who is choosing to speak.

When a Shaman retrieves your Power Animal from the Spirit World, they are calling upon your ancestors and spiritual guides to assist you with having the courage, strength and skills that will help you when you are in need.

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