Shamanic divination can help give you guidance to the questions that you have in your life.

The definition that comes closest to describing shamanic divination is: the art and practice that seeks to discover hidden knowledge by the interpretation of the information given by the non-ordinary, all-knowing compassionate helping spirits.

Divination helps when you are wrestling with any life issue, the helping spirits can answer questions in many ways. Sometimes, they offer very straight forward advice, and sometimes they reply with metaphorical answers that require deep contemplation.

The compassionate spirits may advise you about your spiritual, emotional, psychological health as well your physical health. They may have transcendent information to share with you. In short, the focus here is SO wide, metaphorical and practical information may be intertwined, and other shamanic practices may be done as a part of the answer to the question.

Divination can be done as a long-distance session, for example via Skype or Facetime. No matter where you live, I can assist you. Once you book an appointment, we’ll schedule a convenient time to talk so that we can define and shape your question. Intention is the backbone of all good shamanic work.

Lynette Assad Shamanic Practitioner Services

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